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About Bobby
I am a PGA professional with nearly 30 years of experience in the game of golf. Through these many years I have learned a fundamentally sound system that will improve every part of your game. Long term improvement happens only when a mental change occurs and the construction of a philosophy begins.
            The goal of this program is to help you understand the chain reaction of your golf swing. Knowledge of cause and effect relationships eliminates guess work and builds trust and confidence. In this educational process I will help you find your own best swing, not the swing that works for someone else.
            A solid golf swing begins with fundamentally correct ideas. The search for thoughts that lead to progress is what we are all looking for. Within this quest we go down many roads desperately seeking the truth, the magic formula to solid contact every time. This starts the confusion we all go through, the endless tinkering for the thoughts that work most often or hold up under pressure. Without the knowledge of cause and effect relationships we can create more problems through an incorrect self-diagnosis or advice from playing partners that mean well, but usually add to the confusion.
            Let me help you improve your game through a formal education on the fundamentals. Your score will be lower and you will have more fun in the process. logo image
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